Dec. 27th, 2012

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Program: Paint Shop Pro X5, should work in earlier versions.

Difficulty: Intermediate. Assumes basic knowledge of program features and menu locations. (ie: I'm not going to explain where the materials palette is or how to switch to the gradients tab.) I will answer questions if you comment.

Translateable: Theory should work in other programs. I don't know if they'll have the exact features and materials used.

Find it here on my blog.


Dec. 27th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Hi everyone. I hope you're enjoying your holidays.

I want to let you know about a few changes.

I've used Photobucket to host my icons since I started posting back in 05. It seems that they're changing their hosting plan prices. My Pro account is good until February. After that, I don't know if they'll continue to renew Pro accounts for current holders or if we'll be switched to one of their new premium tiers.

If we are switched, I'm not going to be able to keep up my membership there. It's too much for a hobby activity. I will not be deleting my account, but I have WAY more than what is allowed in their free accounts, and I'm sure I'll start to exceed bandwidth limits.

I won't try to move all the icon sets to another host, so I suggest that you take advantage of my paid hosting time and download what you need while you have the chance.

I'm looking at other image hosts. So far the winner is, at least for icons. I'll probably be uploading my textures and larger graphics on Flickr for the time being, until I can get enough money for private hosting.


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