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I opened requests last weekend in honor of my birthday. While filling one of them I was randomly inspired to make some other icons. Some Star Trek: TNG, some inspired by my original fiction:

+Steve Bacic: Ahve Servena/Roshan
+Robert Downey Jr: Edric Hunt/Dred
+Nikki Sixx: Kent

+Gabriel insists that I say "Dred. Not Mac." and for anyone who doesn't know what that means, assume I'm insane.

+Icons #51 and 59 were made for [livejournal.com profile] mr_picard. Of course, he's welcome to use whichever ones he wants, but those two are not up for sharing purposes without his permission.

Total Icon Count: 77


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Icons inspired by my characters. I googled for most of these pictures, so if you think you should be credited, please contact me.

Michael Shanks: Gurad
Angelina Jolie: Beth
Jensen Ackles: Gabriel

Total Icon Count: 75


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Icons Inspired by my characters.

Total Icon Count: 44


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Adam Lambert, Mike Gossin, Keith Urban, some random stuff.

I had most of these pics saved on my hard drive; if I've forgotten to credit someone let me know!

Total Icon Count: 93


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[30] Painkiller Jane
[23] Obidala (originally for [livejournal.com profile] obidala_lims)
[21] Russell Crowe
[16] Bewitched
[16] Highlander: The Raven
[12] Sailor Moon
[09] Women's Murder Club
[07] Xena: Warrior Princess
[04] Misc
[03] Witchblade: The Series
[02] Bionic Woman

Total Icon Count: 129


TEASER! Icon 008 TEASER! Icon 042 TEASER! Icon 051

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Yep. It's definately the Crowe craze again. I should have known better than to icon Robin Hood. Another mixed bag of icons, including a couple more recently acquired fandoms.

[25] Bruce Willis (Die Hard, The Fifth Element)
[25] Leverage
[19] Sanctuary
[15] Russell Crowe (Heaven's Burning, The Silver Stallion, Proof)
[08] Andie MacDowell (Beauty Shop, Deception, Harrison's Flowers)
[04] Anna Paquin (Fly Away Home)
[03] Queen Latifah (Beauty Shop)

Total Icon Count: 101


TEASER! Icon 052 TEASER! Icon 090 TEASER! Icon 100

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Is it insane that I'm in love with a gryphon? I started re-reading The Black Gryphon last night and I had forgotten how totally awesome Skandranon Rashkae is. In fact, he reminds me of my own character, Steve Riley (well, without the vanity, of course, because Steve is really modest, but the attitude? The heroism? The babe-magnet status? Oh yeah. Heh. So I decided to post these icons together.

On second reading (or third, but the real second doesn't count since I was too close to the age and experience in writing that I had been the first time) my opinion of Mercedes Lackey stands. While her narrative prose is not always my favorite, her characters are compelling and realistically drawn. Also the scope and detail of Velgarth continues to impress. She was one of my early influences in the fantasy genre in both respects, and I continue to hold her work in esteem.

Admittedly, the Skan icons and fanart are not the best, but I couldn't really find any good quality scans of the book covers or any of the interior illustrations, which is, btw, INSANE because Larry Dixon's art is amazing and one would think there would be scans SOMEPLACE. I didn't do icons from The Silver Gryphon since I wanted SKAN. *huggles Skan*
There are also a few text icons, featuring Skan and my "official (insert fandom/ship)" thing that I did for SG-1/SGA last year. If anybody wants offical fangirl/boy for the other Mage Wars characters, let me know.

(Sorry for the moment, this doesn't extend to other fandoms. I did them are really tedious and annoying to make when you have an entire tv/movie cast and I'm not in the mood to sit around making "officials" for all fandoms right now.) Anyway.

52 icons + one banner/fanart thing under the cut.

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