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Have been doing some more coloring experiments tonight. Initially, looking for some effective ways to color the new Robin Hood trailer. Things got more random from there. My tradition of collecting obscure and underrated fandoms now continues with Painkiller Jane. There is also some more Witchblade, Highlander: The Raven, SG-1, Xena, and a couple Disney movies I don't remember iconning yet: Twitches, and The Return of Jafar. Overall, I'm satisfied with these. I think I like the way the technique works on Twitches and Robin Hood best. Or...well...I suppose I could be succumbing to the Crowe craze again. *whistles innocently*

[29] Xena: Warrior Princess
[22] Witchblade: The Series
[24] Disney (Aladdin/Jasmine; Twitches)
[20] Robin Hood 2010
[18] Painkiller Jane
[08] Highlander: The Raven
[09] Stargate: SG-1

-Photobucket seems to have done something odd while uploading and some of the icons are out of order from the rest of their fandoms. My apologies to anyone looking for one group in particular.

Total Icon Count: 131


TEASER! Icon 027 TEASER! Icon 048 TEASER! Icon 051

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I've been experimenting with coloring again, and I chose some fandoms at random to see what I'd get with this. Two of these fandoms are new for me, though not new shows. I seem to be continuing my tradition of discovering wonderful, underrated, and/or obscure television programs long after cancellation.

I received Highlander: The Series as a birthday gift and The Raven happened to be included in the boxset. Amanda was always my favorite of the immortals--no, sorry, I am not a Methos groupie--so, I decided to check the show out. I have to confess that after hearing this show bashed for so long I did not have high hopes for it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm sorry that show's production problems overshadowed so much of it because it really had the potential to develop into something remarkable. There are only a few icons here but I will be posting a bigger set in the next few days.

I also happened to discover Witchblade earlier this year, and I have to say that Sarah has become one of my all time favorite television characters. (Not an easy list to make it onto).

I would heartily recommend both of these shows to anyone who enjoys shows with intelligent female leads rather than cliched ones.

[07] Highlander: The Raven
[50] Xena: Warrior Princess
[53] Witchblade: The Series

Total Icon Count: 110


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